Vodka Poached Watermelon & Herb Salad with Lime Salt

Recipe courtesy of Madison Cowan, Grand Champion of the Food Network’s “Chopped.”

Vodka Poached Watermelon & Herb Salad  w/ Lime Salt

I’ve served this simple & lovely summertime treat as a start or finish to a meal all over the globe. Make certain to use good quality yet affordable vodka & fruity olive oil.

Seedless watermelon 1, small
Vodka 1 litre
Fresh limes 2, juiced & zested
Sea salt flakes 1 tbsp
Fresh mint leaves handful
Fresh parsley leaves handful
Fresh chives 1 bunch
Extra virgin olive oil
Watermelon radish 2, thinly sliced, shocked in ice water
Fresh cracked black pepper


Quarter the watermelon lengthwise, remove the rind & slice into wedges. Place the slices into a large rimmed dish, pour over vodka & lime juice, cover tightly w/ clingfilm & refrigerate at least 3 hours.

Mix lime zest & salt together in a small bowl. When ready to serve, divide watermelon among salad plates & spoon over a little extra vodka/juice. Add herbs to a bowl, drizzle w/ oil & lightly toss. Top watermelon w/ herbs, radish slices & sprinkle w/ lime salt & black pepper. Serves 6