The Best of Body and Beauty!

Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before, Jane’s first guest is Dr. Emily Kiberd, a renowned chiropractic physician and founder of one of Manhattan’s most popular healthy living emporiums, the Urban Wellness Clinic. Dr. Kiberd will discuss why the holistic healing options the clinic offers, that aside from chiropracty, include physical therapy, sports training, personal training, running rehab, performance nutrition and yoga, are essential for feeling Better Than Before. Joining the conversation is banking executive Philip R. Michael (Yes, Jane’s son!), who will talk about the positive effects these therapies have had on his personal performance in the corporate world. Jane will also be speaking with Gail Sagel, creator of Faces Beautiful, a beauty concept store and website, who has written the best seller, Making Faces Beautiful, a primer for quick and easy-to-apply makeup techniques, and the e-Book, FACE IT, that is tailored to women over fifty.