Unlike many women, most men do not readily share their angst with anyone who will listen. Okay, so maybe The Lawyer told the garage attendant that I have found yet another recipe for steamed vegetables that doesn’t involve seasoning. And apparently one of his colleagues slinked into his office and, closing the door behind him, asked my husband if I could help him cure his dandruff because I had told his wife that I write a health and beauty column.

No! I’m talking about real issues – the kind that they are embarrassed to discuss as they reach the age of forty plus. For many men that means struggling to add muscle, and constantly feeling sluggish, tired, depressed and irritable. Or noticing increasing hair loss and love handles. In other words, basically seeing both their psyches and bellies go to pot. Each one alone may seem (and be) benign, a natural result of less exercise and a generally more sedentary lifestyle. But when several of them appear together, there may be more at work than that extra helping of lasagna. Then of course, there are the more worrisome symptoms that they are truly loathe to admit—their libidos may not be as intense and performance less energetic than it once was. Or, horrors!—even possible!

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