Secrets to Success

Jane’s guest is Meghan Asha, the creator and CEO of FounderMade, one of the beauty, health, fitness, nutrition and wellness industry’s most buzzed about events. Over the years, Meghan has leveraged her early-on passion for building and empowering companies to produce this remarkable platform and conference series, that connects best-in-class startups to investors, influencers, media and consumers, along with such well-established top name brands as Bobby Brown, Frederick Fekkai, EsteeLauder, Target and Starbucks, to name but a few. A trail blazer and visionary, Meghan had the foresight to understand that even successfully budding entrepreneurs need support and connection to major industry players, so she began bringing together business contacts from those earlier jobs as part of an intimate dinner series — which eventually evolved into FounderMade. On Jane’s show, Meghan will talk about how her multifaceted career, from being an analyst in a venture capital firm, to interviewing leaders of tech companies for a weekly internet talk show, and building her own digital media platform, all led to FounderMade —and being profiled in The New York Times, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. She’ll also share the secrets of her extraordinary success and talk about the latest trends in products and trends, as well as her personal advice and mantras for how listeners can become Better Than Before.

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