oday on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before, Jane’s guest is renowned gemologist, Kara Ross. Aside from her enormous success as a jewelry designer over the past 25-years—with a boutique of her dazzling creations at 655 Madison Avenue in New York City—Kara’s newest initiative, Diamonds Unleashed, now takes it to a global level by giving back to the world in a brilliant way. Diamonds Unleashed celebrates the fact that women, like diamonds, are brilliant, multi-faceted and unbreakable, supporting women’s empowerment both in general and specifically through Girls Who Code and She’s the First. Kara and Jane will talk about how Diamonds Unleashed is uniting women around the world to help support and inspire one another, all the while working to create the next generation of strong female leaders. Listeners will learn that strong women are beautiful, and not to be afraid to be strong—physically and mentally! Says Kara, “Be strong. Be brilliant!