Rebecca Jumper Matheson

Jane will be joined by noted fashion historian and author Rebecca Jumper Matheson who will discuss her latest book, Young Originals: Emily Wilkens and the Teen Sophisticate. The new book profiles Jane’s mother, fashion designer Emily Wilkens, an innovator in the field of clothing for American teenagers in the 1940s. Jane and Rebecca will discuss lessons learned from the life and work of Emily Wilkens, including the ways she used good design to improve the lives of others, her creative solutions to wartime shortages and limitations, her wellness-based approach to beauty (decades before these ideas became trends), and even how criticism can spur you to greater achievement. Jane will also be speaking with renowned New York OB/GYN and author Dr. Alyssa Dweck. Dr. Dweck, also a regular contributor to print and online media, as well as being on the health advisory board of Family Circle magazine, will give expert advice on everything.