Martha Stewart Living!

Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before, meet the woman at the helm of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, the flagship publication of Martha Stewart’s amazing media empire. Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Graves, herself a star, oversees the magazine’s editorial and visual content, shaping its presence across all media platforms, including publishing, digital, and broadcasting. Elizabeth will share some of the advice found in the pages of the magazine, and take us behind the scenes on how she comes up with the topics for each issue. She also offers easy tips, tricks and tools on becoming a master griller, accomplished at-home chef, and savvy entertainer. Jane will also be joined by Lisa Davis, the popular host and producer of It’s Your Health Radio, Naturally Savvy Radio, and the Clean Food Network, who will talk about eating right for a longer, happier, healthier and more beautiful life.

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