Jane’s Thoughts: Laura Norman

My friend Laura Norman, the most amazing healer I have ever met, just posted this on her Laura Norman Reflexology Summer 2017 Newsletter. I find it so fascinating — and true — that I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s entitled: How to Thrive in these challenging times.

I’ll now turn it over to Laura’s inspirational words. ps: If you want to have the most amazing experience ever, seek out a reflexology massage with either Laura or a member of her team. It’s an hour or two that can truly change your life.

Here’s Laura…

I find living in “interesting times” to be a blessing and an opportunity—the chance to play a role in creating a better life, both for yourself and the world.

We’ve been living in tumultuous, challenging times. For those of us who avidly follow the outrageous course of events, each day brings revelations that can trigger feelings of hope or gloom. Mental health and other medical professionals report unprecedented numbers of patients coming to them seeking relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

Many of us find ourselves glued to the screen, following social media during the day and TV news at night—to catch each event as it happens. Yet what’s been missing is any sense of perspective. You may be “in the know” but it sure doesn’t make for a balanced life!

A healthy democracy requires an educated, aware citizenry, so it’s important to stay updated. While you may write your senators or a Letter to the Editor, your most important action to ensure a happy, healthy life is to regain and maintain your own equilibrium. Only after you are centered are you in a place to help and contribute to others.

Are you an artist? Unglue yourself from that screen and focus on creating beautiful art. Your painting, sculpture, poem, music and dance can lift hearts and enlighten souls. Plus it will help you feel so much better.

If you’re a healer, or the person who everyone shares their challenges with, reach out to those who you can help. Be an affirmation of life that’s really needed now!

Devote less time to following the “news” and much more time to taking care of yourself. Eat properly, get enough sleep and exercise. Spend time out in Nature. There is so much beauty surrounding us! Take time to reconnect with the people, places and things you love. At the next dinner party, when the talk turns to disasters happening in the world, re-direct the conversation to sharing your blessings and other good news. What you put your attention on grows stronger, so put your attention on the positive aspects of life.

If you have a spiritual practice, this is a great time to be consistent in using it to help maintain balance. If you don’t yet have a spiritual practice, start one now. There’s no better antidote to anxiety than quieting your mind each day while connecting to the eternal aspects of yourself and the Universe.

My favorite ways to re-balance in times of stress are my Transcendental Meditation practice and Reflexology for my mind and body. Pleasurable and nurturing, Reflexology helps eliminate toxins produced by anxiety and stress. Reflexology encourages the release of endorphins, our natural “feel-good” hormones.

My clients who experienced pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more reported significant, lasting improvement after Reflexology sessions. A professional Reflexology session is a very special gift to yourself. You can also easily learn Reflexology routines that you can do on yourself, or exchange with friends and family. My book, Feet First, provides many simple routines for a variety of issues. To have a greater impact on more people or to start a new career in holistic health, come join us for one of our Laura Norman Reflexology workshops and Foot, Hand, Face and Ear Reflexology Certification Training Programs.

Tumultuous times are often the birth pangs of a new era. Our collective participation will help to ensure it is a better one. So make the phone calls, write the letters…and take very good care of yourself and stay centered—so that one day you can look back and say, “I’ve thrived in interesting times and I made a difference!”