Jane Wilkens Michael talks with Maria Rodale

Today on The Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before, Jane’s guest is Maria Rodale, the CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc., the world’s largest independent publisher of books and magazines devoted to health, wellness and environmental content — including Prevention, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Runners World, and Rodale’s Organic Life. Maria follows in the footsteps of her legendary grandfather and father, who made Prevention the touchstone for the modern day health movement. An avid gardener, home cook, mother of three and blogger, she has just written a new cookbook, Scratch – home cooking for everyone made simple, fun and totally delicious. Maria talks to Jane about her initiatives to continue her family’s mission to heal people and the planet through food, exercise and a life of meaning. And both her personal philosophy and advice are timeless and invaluable.