Get the Message: Massage Is Good for Your Health

Over the years and in many of my columns, I’ve chronicled how I was able to indoctrinate a recalcitrant male—that would be my husband, The Lawyer—into the world of health and beauty. On the lighter side, he has had his eyelashes dyed, his eyebrows waxed and his hair and scalp treated with hot mud from foreign bogs. Heavy-duty therapies have included the ingestion of friends of the forest and swamp for vigor, and animal shots for vitality, his only request being that the species of origin remain privileged information lest they contained pig. They did! (Shh!) He has had aches and painsdiagnosed through his eyes, hands and feet, and practically beat up a waiter at a vegan restaurant in France for refusing to serve him pepper because it was deemed “too exciting.” –

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