Finally… the Cure for Snoring

I received a ton of feedback from my recent column, Snooze Alarm. Many of my Spry Living readers and CBS Sky Radio listeners were struck by the studies that showed that there was such a strong connection between sleep and aging. Alas, some of them, although they wanted to get their beauty sleep, said it was practically impossible with a snorer as a spouse. Although I did suggest a few effective remedies, a number felt those weren’t enough. “The bedroom rocks like an earthquake hit it,” raged Lisa from Seattle. “You could hear him ‘gurgling’ even though I banished him to the guest bedroom,” lamented Lauren in Boston. The men, too, got into the act. “My wife may be petite, but she snores like a warthog,” said Kenn in L.A.

Of course if you have, say, the Lincoln Bedroom available, that might create enough distance to cure the problem. But not everyone’s abode is the size of the White House. And apartment walls here in NYC aren’t exactly soundproof. So, despite your occasionally relocating to another room to save your sanity; it still might not do the trick. At times, I have to contend with The Lawyer, who could sleep in a dunking booth, but can be a noisy breather at night. I also have to deal with my beloved Rottweiler, Damian — basically The Lawyer in four legs and fur –who has large sinuses as do most giant dogs and whose sleep snorting is as loud as that of an elephant.

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