Celebrating Successful Women

6/30/09 4:13:27 PM -- San Francisco, CA, U.S.A -- USAT columnist Rhonda Abrams will be featured in six advice videos as part of our "starting a small business " series scheduled for Sept. 14th and will run once a week for 6 weeks. This is the intro video in which we introduce Rhonda and set-up the series. We will also need images of Rhonda for promos - headshot and something environmental. Can be frame grabs. Garrett will be traveling to Palo Alto, CA on June 28th, shoot June 29 and 30 and return the following day. He is in contact with Rhonda and has locations, time and script. Julia is the producer Steve Elfers and Mindy Fetterman are supervising editors. Opener is being designed by Gannett affiliate. Would like video edited within a week of return so marketing and advertising can circulate. (There is some flex here if you get assigned something else) Sent from a Blackberry. -- Photo by Garrett Hubbard, USA TODAY staff

Jane’s guest is Rhonda Abrams, business owner, best-selling author, and USA Today columnist; and one of the exclusive few recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley, as well as the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in the US. Jane and Rhonda talk about the challenges that women face in the workplace and the secrets and strategies for success in any field.

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