Catherine Sinclair – Spa Director & Resort Manager of Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Jane will be having a “Spa Talk” with renowned beauty, health and fitness experts from the world-class Mirbeau Inn & Spa in both New York and Massachusetts. Jane will be joined by Catherine Sinclair, Spa Director and Resort Manager at Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles, New York, as well as their Health & Wellness Coordinator, Debbie Bobbett. Natalie Ward, General Manager at their sister Inn and Spa in Plymouth, Massachusetts will also be a guest. The ladies will discuss recent health, wellness and beauty trends, their most popular treatments, what impact workouts have on our overall wellbeing and lifestyle, and what’s new in natural/organic products. They will also share tips for living a healthy life between work and leisure, the best ways to unplug and relax, and how to take the spa experience home with you.