A Focus on Better Vision

When I was growing up, my mother believed that eating liver was essential for good vision. Animal livers, you see, store vitamins, in particular A and B complex. These essential nutrients help keep the retina in good shape, the visual purple strong, and the eyes well-lubricated. In any event, my mother took it one step further and gave it to us in the most palatable way she could think of – run through a blender (by a housekeeper with nose plugs) until it became juice. Suffice it to say that my brother and I wouldn’t touch the glass, let alone drink the stuff in it, so we discreetly discarded it. Alas, today we both need glasses, but 17 floors below our old kitchen in New York City is the best looking tree you’ve ever seen.

We know, too, that eyes are the mirrors to the soul and, in some cases, our social lives. Take my friend Francine, for example, who became enamored with a dashing new date simply because he told her that her blue eyes had the “depth and mystery” of a star sapphire. (He was Italian. What did you expect?) I had the unfortunate task of informing her that her eyes, while lovely, were in fact, brown.

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